Muhammad Ali timeline

night of the notables


the birth of a champion


Muhammad Ali was born on january the 17th 1942



Ali's bike was stolen when he and a close friend of his went to a fair. He went to a police officer and told him about the theft. Ali said that he wanted to 'whup" whoever stole the bike. the police officer said
"well you had better learn to fight first"

the first fight

Approx. 8/12/1954

this fight was Ali's first amateur bout in the ring.

the golden gloves tournament


the golden gloves tournament for novice
(light-heavyweight class)

the golden gloves tournament for champions



Amateur Athletic Union's national title for the light-heavyweight division


he won

olympic boxing team


in 1960 Ali won a place on the Olympic boxing team. He won all his fights and received a gold medal


1961 - 1967

Ali won all of his fights and the majority by knockout and even held the world heavy weight title for some time


march 1967 - 1970

Ali was suspended from boxing because he resisted the draft of the Vietnam war because his religion did not permit him to. During his suspension he toured universities and collages around the U.S.A on talks about negro rights and the Vietnam war. After a lengthy court battle he was stripped of his boxing licence and his passport. He famously quoted
"no viet cong has ever called me a nigger"

the comeback


Ali received his boxing licence after a two year suspension and won his first two bouts

joe frazier

march 1971

Ali ended his undefeated streak against a man who would one day become one of his greatest enemies

Ali's wins

july 1971 - 1973

Ali won the world heavy weight title

loss to ken norton

march 1973

Ali lost the world heavyweight title and then won it back in a rematch in september

another streak

october 1973 - october 1977

Ali won 13 more bouts and retained the title. Among them two of his most famous fights.

rumble in the jungle

october 1974

This fight is easily one of Ali's most famous fights. He faced a younger, stronger and faster man. George Forman. Ali was truly the underdog here

the thriller in manilla


It was dubbed the fight of the century by espn and one of Ali's greatest fights

the decline of the greatest

1978 - december 1981

Ali slowly declined after facing leon spinks in a 1978 rematch which he won. He faced Larry holmes in a match of witch he did not come out on top of. He then faced trevor beribick in the last match of his career. He then retired


1982 - 2014

After retiring from boxing Ali has dedicated his time and money towards philanthropy. Ali has supported eighteen different charities, just to name a few:
The Ali care program
The muhammad Ali parkinsons center
And Athletes for help


1984 - 2014

Ali was diagnosed with parkinsons syndrome soon after he retired from boxing. He then set up a charity to help people in the same situation called the Muhammad Ali parkinson centre

olympic torch


Muhammad Ali was selected in 1996 to light the olympic torch. The fact that Ali would be lighting the torch was un-known to the rest of the world and when he did every where people were wiping tears out of there eyes