2500 BC - 400 BC Timeline


Great Pyramid at Giza

2500 bc

papyrus in egypt

2400 bc

Sargon of Akkad rises to power

2371 BC

sargon the great of akkad launches conquest of all mesopotamia

2300 bc

queen semiramis of babylon builds first tunner under a river

2200 bc

egypt fortifies southern area to protect against nubian attack

2200 bc

Various Kings ruled Egypt

2200 BC

assyrians united in mesopotamia

1900 bc

hammurabi rules babylon

1792 bc

Great Code of Hammurabi is produced in Babylon

1765 BC

hyksos invade egypt

1720 bc

hyksos establish capital at avaris

1720 bc

Hyksos rulers took control of Delta Regin

1700 BC

half of egypt ruled by hyksos kings half ruled by thebes

1674 bc

hyksos capture memphis

1674 bc

Ahmose unified country

1600 bc

hyksos expelled from egypt

1567 bc

amenhotep 1 begins egyptian drive into asia

1546 bc

thutmose I pacifies nubia

1525 bc

thutmost II pushes egypt to the edge of syria

1512 bc

Hatshepsot became pharaoh

1500 BC

mycenae dominates aegean

1450 bc

Ashuruballit lays the foundations of the first Assyrian Empire

1365 BC

Tutankhamun because Pharaoh

1336 bc

Adad-narari established first Assyrian Empire

1307 BC

Tighath Pileser Established second Assyrain Empire

1115 bc

Davids Reign

1010 bc

King David rules Israel

1000 BC

Solomons Reign

971 bc

ashur-dan II's reign assyria

933 bc

Jeroboam's Reign

931 BC

Divided Kingdom

931 bc

Nadab's Reign

910 BC

Baasha's Reign

909 BC

Elah's Reign

886 BC

Omri's Reign

885 BC

Zimri's Reign

885 BC

Elijah Prophets of Israel

874 bc

Ahab's Reign

874 BC

shalmaneser III's reign assyria

859 bc

Ahaziah's Reign

853 BC

Jehoram's Reign

852 BC


850 bc

Elisha Prophets of Israel

848 bc


841 bc

Jehu's Reign

841 BC

Jehoahaz's Reign

814 BC

Jehoash's Reign

798 bc

Jeroboam II's Reign

793 BC

Jonah Prophets of Israel

785 bc

shalmaneser IV's reign assyria

783 bc

Amos Prophets of Israel

760 bc

Hosea Prophets of Israel

760 bc

Zechariah's Reign

753 BC

Shallum's Reign

753 BC

Menaham's Reign

752 BC

tiglath-pileser III's reign assyria

745 bc

Pekahiah's Reign

742 BC

Pekah's Reign

740 BC


740 bc


735 bc

Hosea's Reign

732 bc

osorkon iv's reign egypt

730 bc

Nubiah King Piy conquered Egypt

728 bc

shalmaneser v's reign assyria

727 bc

Israel/Northern Kingdom-Exile

722 bc

sargon II's reign assyria

722 bc

sennacherib's reign assyria

705 bc

46 cities of Judah Captured by Assria

701 bc

tirhakah's reign egypt

690 bc

Assyriahs attacked Egypt

671 BC


650 bc


640 bc


627 bc

nabopolassar's reign babylonia

626 bc

Assyrian Empire Split by Civil War

620 bc

Assyria Defeated

612 bc

necho reign egypt

610 bc


609 bc

Battle of Megiddo

609 bc

Ashur-Uballit proclaimed the new king of Assyria in Harrah

609 bc

1st exile of Judah

606 bc

nebuchandnezzar's reign babylonia

605 bc


605 bc

2nd excile of judah

597 bc

Ezekiel Prophets of Israel

592 bc

3rd exile of judah

586 bc

fall of jersusalem to nebuchadnezzar

586 bc

belshazzar's reign babylonia

553 bc

first return of the exiles

539 bc

fall of babylon

539 bc

Temple foundation was laid

536 bc

Persians conquered Egypt

525 bc


520 BC

Zachariah Prophets of Israel

520 bc

ezra came to jersusalem

516 bc

temple was finished

516 bc

Persians ascend to power, adopt the Akkadian writting system

500 bc


450 BC

nehemiah came to jerusalem

444 bc

sparta allied with persia

408 bc

carthaginians continue conquest of sicily

406 bc

dionysius becomes ruler of syracuse

405 bc

athens besieged

405 bc

egypt gains independence from persia

404 bc

second peloponnesian war ends-sparta the winner

404 bc

athens surrenders

404 bc

cyrus the younger leads expedition against his older brother artaxerxes

401 bc

cyrus the younger dies in battle

400 bc