Untitled timeline

Indus valley civilization 7000BCE-185BCE

The Aficans arived In India

7000 bc

Arrived in the Indus Valley

3300 bc

The valley flourish at this point

2600 BC

Harappan civilisation started to gradualy decline

1800 BC

Most cities in the Harappan Civilization had been abandoned by this time.

1700 bc

Chandragupta became king of India.

325 bc

Chandragupta bought the indus valley for 500 warrior elephants.

305 bc

Chandragupta is no longer king of India. was succeed by his grand-son

301 bc

Ashoka becomes king of India.

270 bc

Ashoka died and is no longer king of India.

232 bc

The end of the Mauryan era.

185 bc