Medieval Times : Timeline

This timeline is about Medieval time and the dates of what happened in the past


The Feudal System Begins

Approx. 800 AD

When the feudal system began in the medieval Europe

The Battle of Hastings

Approx. 1066

The First Crusade begins

Approx. 1095

When the first crusade began

The Knight's in the early 110s

Approx. 1100

When Knights were introduced in the 1100s in the Medieval Timees

The Magna Carta

Approx. 1215

The Grate Famine

Approx. 1315

the first of a series of large scale crises that struck Europe early in the fourteenth century

The Black Death

Approx. 1347

The black death was a horrible diseases carried by flees on rats

The Peasant Revolt

Approx. 1381

Joan Of Arc

Approx. 1412

A woman that lead the an army. then got accused of witchcraft and got burned on a staked

Wars Of Roses

Approx. 1455

The Wars of the Roses was a series of dynastic wars for the throne of England