Plan for Movement of Tools and Personnel (Assume Kickoff as 01/07/2014)


Movement of Tools

Movement of Survey Tools

Approx. 07/08/2014

This activity would be in the First week of the sign off. All Such equipment that are portable are hand carried to site while the non portable are dropped off at the NLNG PHC Office for further delivery at Bonny Island

Test Equipment


Fiber Testing will be done concurrently with the installation and the equipment would be delivered along with delivery of the Integration equipment.
The Test Equipment are:

• Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
• Power Meter
• Light Source
• Multi-network Cable Tester
• Fiber Optic Inspection Scope
• Copper Cable Tracer

Movement of Integration Equipment

Approx. 07/14/2014

Integration Equipment would be delivered at the second week of kick off of the project.
Equipment include:

o Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
o Wireless Radio
o GPS Units
o Measuring T apes
o Measuring Wheel
o Jack Stand
o Asphalt cutting machines

Movement of Outdoor Equipment


Outdoor Civil Equipment would be delivered on case by case basis as required starting from the second week of kick off of the project.
Equipment include -

Movement of Personnel

Arrival of Project Manager


• Manifold Project Supervisor Prepares and Submits a detailed Method statement on how the activity is to be performed
• Manifold Project Supervisor submits detailed project plan indicating timelines and milestones within the project and also escalation processes
• Manifold Project Supervisor submits a detailed list of Tools and equipment required to perform the tasks

Arrival of Safety Supervisor


Arrival of Safety Officer for Work Site assessment and preparation of appropriate Risk Analysis and PPE for Workers on Site

Arrival Of Technicians


Hiring of Contractors


Contractors will be hired locally for Civil and Menial Activities on Site.