Lewis and Clark Timeline

Main Events

Louisiana Purchase

July 4, 1803

Jefferson announces the Louisiana Purchase, making the expedition even more important.

The Expedition Leaves

May 14, 1804

They leave Camp Wood and head up the Missouri River, hoping to find a Northwest Passage.

Charles Floyd Dies

August 20, 1804

Sergeant Charles Floyd dies of natural causes, the only death on the entire expedition.

Teton Sioux

September 25, 1804

The Corps are nearly involved in a fight with the Teton Sioux, but luckily, a Sioux Chief calls off the attack.

-45 degrees

December 17, 1804

The Corps record an astounding negative 45 degree weather, which they never expected.

Pompy Is Born

February 11, 1805

Great Falls

June 13, 1805

The Corps reaches the Great Falls and must portage around them.

Shoshone Camp

August 17, 1805

The expedition finds a Shoshone camp and Sacagawea recognizes her brother as the chief.

Pacific Ocean

November 24, 1805

The expedition finally reaches the Pacific and votes on which side of the river to stay on.

Return trip begins

March 23, 1806

The expedition leaves for home after a rainy winter.


September 3, 1806

They make it home to St. Louis after only 6 months of travel on the way back.