Noah's Time Line Thingy



June 15, 1996 - Present

I was born in 1996, in St. Joseph hospital


First house

1996 - 2000

We lived in a trailer till i was 4 or 5 years.
Location is Comox

Second house

2000 - 2004

We lived in a house, it was a decent size. We lived there for about 4 years
Location is Comox

Third house

2004 - 2010

I still live in this house, i have lived here for 6 years.
Location is Courtenay


Tigger Too

2000 - 2001


Glacier View

2001 - 2005

I moved at grade 3 to Airport Ele.

Airport Ele.

2005 - 2009

I was in airport Ele. from 4th grade to 7th grade.

Highland Secondary

September, 2009 - Present

This is my school at the moment and most likely till grade 12.



2004 - Present

Very very boring

My Dad's Office


I only had a job for a short bit. Really boring stuff like sorting files.

Intersting Events

Video games

2003 - Present

I was first introducted to video games by my dad, to the games Starcraft, DOAC(Dark Age Of Camelot). These were computer games.


2003 - 2008

I started soccer when i was 7 but i stopped and haven't continue since.

Disney land


We went there for 1 week.


2004 - 2010

I Started at grade 4 with the school team and usually join each year.

Track and Field

2006 - Present

I have loved Track and field since i started. I ususally do a 100m, shot put, 400m and well almost all of them=P.

Cruise/Disney World


We did a week at each thing. Disney World first, then the cruise.

Vancouver Amusment Park


We went to a amusment park in vancouver, i forgot to the name but it was fun=O.

Got Dirt Bike


It was a 20 year old Yamaha 200cc dirt bike=P.

Got Ps3


I got it in about November pretty awesome .