Physical Education Timeline

Main Events

3. Rugby is Created

November, 1823 - present day

Rugby, the inspiration for American football, was unofficially created by William Webb Ellis in November of 1823.

2. Idea of Basketball


A teacher at a Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, named James Naismith, came up withe idea of basketball to entertain the young men in his gym class. They used an elevated basket as the "goal" and a round European football as the ball.

4. Idea of Paralympic Games


The idea of the Paralympic Games was created by Ludwig Guttmann. At the hospital were he was assigned, there were paralyzed soldiers who's life expectancy was less than 2 years. Instead, Guttmann got the men up and moving, and the men ended up participating in the 1948 International Wheelchair Games.

1. Economical Crash

6/7/2007 - present day

The official "crash" occurred on June 6, 2007. That was the beginning of lots of hard times for the people of the United States of America. Many people became unemployed which made the problem even worse. The economical crash effected lots of things, but most of all, the education system.

Secondary Events

3. Walter Camp Creates Rules for American Football


Walter Camp proposed certain rule changes at the U.S. College Football 1880 rules convention. Many of those rules would become the same rules players follow today.

2. First Game of Basketball Played

December 21, 1891

The first game of basketball was played in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891.

4. First Organized Athletic Day for Disabled Athletes


The first organized athletic day for disabled athletes was the 1948 Summer Olympics.

1. Drop In School Funding

2008 - present day

Due to the economical crash in 2007, school funding has dropped and is causing money related problems to occur in schools.

Third Events

3. APFA Formed

1890 - present day

American Professional Football Association was formed in 1890, but 2 years later, the name was changed to the National Football League, or NFL.

2. College Basketball

February 7, 1893 - 1900

The game of basketball had spread from the high school level into college. By the 19oo's, almost every college in the country had basketball teams.

4. First Official Paralympic Games


The first official Paralympic Games was held in Rome, 1960. This was the first time people with disabilities, other than veterans, could participate.

1. Downsizing of Schools

2008 - present day

Due to the drop in school funding, schools have had to downsize. This could be by providing less, if any, materials for students, laying off staff, and cutting programs.

Fourth Events

2. First Proffesional League for Basketball Founded

1898 - 1904

The first basketball league was founded in 1898. The league was called the National Basketball League, or NBL, but was abandoned in 1904.

3. Flag Footbal Created

1930 - present day

Flag Football is a different version of "tackle" football that was created around the 1930's and used by the military as a training exercise. The game soon spread into high schools and colleges. Now, flag football is played by people of all ages and is a good way to have fun and exercise.

4. First Winter Paralympics and Non-wheelchair People Are Allowed


The 1974 Paralympics was the first Winter Paralmpics, and both the summer and winter Paralympics allowed people with disabilities who weren't in a wheelchair.

1. Lack of Mandatory P.E.

2008 - present day

the downsizing of schools not only cuts classes, such as P.E., but allows kids to choose to pass on what once use to be mandatory classes, like P.E.

Fifth Events

2. Basketball Becomes Part of the Olympics

1936 - present day

Basketball was actually first played in the Olympics in 1904 as an exhibition match, but was nt officially part of the Olympics until 1936.

3. Super Bowl Created

January 15, 1967 - present day

The Super Bowl was created as part of a merger agreement between the two rival leagues, the NFL and the AFL.

4. First Paralympics To Follow The summer Olympics In Every Way

1988 - present day

The 1988 Paralympics was the first time the Paralympics was in the same host city and used the same facilities as the Olympics. This happened the following year and so on until in it was finalized between the IOC and IPC in 2001, to have the two games together.

1. Obesity increase

2006 - present day

Due to the lack of mandatory P.E. classes, there is an increase in childhood obesity.