History of Hamden


Creation of Sleeping Giant

170,000,000 BC

Sleeping Giant was formed from a volcanic eruption

Native American Arrival

6,000 BC

Native American occupation of east shore of Quinnipiac River

Arrival of English Settlers


English settlers arrived to settle on grounds of Quinnipiac Indians

Treaty Signed Between English and Indians


Chiefs of Quinnipiac signed a treaty with English settlers, splitting the lands

Hamden Became a Town


CT General Assembly granted permission for Hamden to incorporate as a town

Creation of First Factory in Hamden


Eli Whitney established the first factory in Hamden, a firearms factory on the Mill River

First Major Infrastructure in Hamden


First major infrastructure to be built in Hamden was the New Haven and Northampton Railroad, now known as the Farmington Canal

Creation of Dam on Lake Whitney


Eli Whitney Jr constructed a dam on Lake Whitney, establishing the first reservoir for the newly created New Haven Water Company

Germans Immigrated to Hamden


German immigrants immigrated to Highwood area