Doinysius Pope


Doinysius Born

November 5, 1969 - November 5, 1978

Born on November 1969 in Flint Michigan and moved in with biological father in 1978 along with mother and siblings

Started Kindergarten

September 1974 - June 1975

Began Kinderten and remember being pushed by boy into paper towel dispenser and having cousin pick me up from school

Moved to Madison Wisconsin

Approx. 01/01/1979 - 01/01/1980

Moved to Madison Wisconsin, mother attempting to get a new start in life with her four children

Moved to Ft. Carson, Colorado with Stepfather

02/02/1980 - 02/02/1981

Moved to Fort Carson Colorado oldest brother and sister's father who was in the Army

Moved back to Flint Michigan

02/04/1981 - 08/05/1983

Family lived with grandparents for a while until we found home. After a few years, I chose to move in with my father. It was the summer after my 7th grad year, middle school.

Began living with Father and Stepmother/stepbrother

08/05/1983 - 04/28/1989

Very interesting transition because I had to learn how a new way of living, which anytime you move into a new home, even if you have visited, it is a serious transition.

Joined the United States Army

04/28/1989 - Approx. 02/28/2010

Was a single lady in the United States Army, achieving goals in promotion and job satisfaction along with freedom of choice only for myself.

Met Husband

10/01/2000 - 06/30/2014

Retired from the military


Finished Bachelors Degree

08/01/2010 - 08/01/2012

Started Graduate Program