Unit 1-3 Timeline

Top 5 main events are in black on the timeline


First Ancient Olympiad is held

776 BC

Johann Bernard Basedow gave the first sport lesson in a school


Johann Friedrich Simon became the 1st modern teacher of P.E.


Friederich Jahn: "Father of Gymnastics"

  1. invented standard equipment which led to the creation of gymnastics 2.wanted to create a strong youth to defend Germany
  2. created a program which consisited of outdoor exercise for students
  3. eventually founded a gymnastics association

Denmark's Bill of 1814 establishes first ever mandatory physical education

1814 AD

Round Hill School opens

1823 AD

1.Led to California requiring P.E.
2.Ohio starts offering a P.E. program
3.Influenced the creation of of Catherine Beecher's school for girls.
4. the spreading of physical education to the Americas led to the opening of many training schools for P.E. teachers.

Catherine Beecher founds a Hartford seminary

1823 AD

This seminary was for girls with American Style Calisthenics (early form of aerobics)
1.helped spread physical education to other schools
2.Beecher was the first American to design a program of exercise for American Children
3.Motivated girls to get ahead with their education
4.First school for girls in America

Charles Beck became the first P.E. teacher at Round Hill School

1825 AD

Charles Follen established the 1st college gymnasium in the U.S.


Abner Doubleday invented baseball

1839 AD

The Normal Institute of Physical Education is founded in Boston.

1861 AD

California becomes the first state to mandate P.E.

1866 AD

Invention of football by a Walter Camp at Yale University


American Association of Physical Education was founded


1.later renamed in 1937 to Division of recreation
2.became department of School Health and Physical education
3.joined forces with the National Education Association
4.created a Committee on Women's athletics

James Naismith invents basketball

1891 AD

First Modern Olympics is held in Athens, Greece


Kickball was created


First International Special Summer Olympics


First international conference on the history of Physical Education


Title IX


An amendment that President Nixon made.
It lead to:
1.access to higher education for women
2. ended discrimination against women
3. ended limitations on what a women can do as a profesion
4. better equality for women