Untitled timeline

Major Events in World History

Nelson Mandela Freed


Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in South Africa in 1962 for his anti-apartheid ideals. Upon release in 1990 he became the nations first black president in 1994

Collapse of the Soviet Union


On Christmas Day 1991 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned. The next day the Soviet Union was officially dissolved

1992 Presidential Election


Democrat Bill Clinton runs against incumbent Republican George H.W. Bush. Clinton carried 43% of the popular vote and 370 electoral votes.

World Trade Center Bombing


A truck loaded with 1,336 pounds of nitrate-hydrogen was exploded underneath the North Tower of the World Trade Center. It was intended to topple the North Tower into the South Tower causing both to collapse. It failed but 6 died and around a thousand were injured.



The North American Free Trade Agreement is signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It is a rules based trade bloc

Rwandan Genocide


The Hutus begin to kill the Tutsis in Rwanda following the assassination of the Rwandan President. It killed at the very least 500,000 Rwandans

Oklahoma City Bombing


The Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City was bombed and destroyed causing the death of 168 people. The culprit Timothy McVeigh was later executed.

Impeachment of President Clinton


Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice. Later the Senate acquitted him of both charges.

Bombing of USS Cole


While the USS Cole was refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden it was bombed by a suicide craft. The attack killed 17 sailors however the ship was not sunk

2000 Presidential Election


Republican George W Bush ran against Democrat Al Gore in the closest race in US history. Although Al Gore won the popular vote Bush was awarded the president by the US Supreme Court after Florida became too close to call.

9/11 Attacks


Terrorists hijacked 4 passenger planes and flew two of them in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center destroying them and the entire complex. Another plane flew into the Pentagon damaging it. Over 3,000 died on this attack by Al Quada

Anthrax Attacks


Letters containing anthrax spores were sent to news media offices and two Democratic U.S Senators killing 5 and infecting 17.

USA Patriot Act


A law signed by President George W Bush extending the power of the government to monitor suspected terrorists. This law came shortly after the 9/11 Attacks and was use to prevent further attacks from happening

Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes


While launching Columbia shed some insulation foam that damaged the craft. Upon reentry the shuttle slowly collapsed and exploded killing all aboard.

Hurricane Katrina


A Hurricane lands in New Orleans Louisiana causing mass destruction. It killed almost 2,000 people and was the 7th most powerful hurricane ever recorded

Personal Events

Titanic is released


The greatest movie of all time was released to eventually win 11 academy awards and become the second highest grossing movie of all time and even the 5th highest grossing movie adjusted for inflation

Birth of Tyler Daniel


Tyler Daniel was born to Debra Daniel at OHSU Hospital in Portland Oregon weighing 2 pounds and 11 ounces

Hailey Daniel Born


Hailey Daniel was born to Debra Daniel at Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro weighing 6 pounds 15 1/2 ounces

Charity Daniel Born


Charity Daniel is born to Debra Daniel at Taulity Hospital in Hillsboro weighting 6 pounds 12 ounces

Millvina Dean dies


Millvina Dean was the last survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic on April 15th 1912. She was aged just 2 months at the time and the sinking and died at 97

Troy Dailey Born


Troy Dailey is born to Debra and Sean Dailey at Emmanual Hospital in Portland Oregon weighing 2 pounds 9 ounces

100th Anniversary of Titanic Sinking


On April 15th 2012 it became 100 years since the British passenger liner Titanic struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic and sunk.