Untitled timeline


Jackie Robinson Intergrates baseball

Apr 15, 1947

Jackie Robinson being the first black man to play on a white baseball team showed alot of courage and the fact that black and whites could enjoy baseball togther

Intergration of the Military

Jul 26, 1948

This was significant because it showed Americans and African Americans can work togther and fight for our nation

Brown vs. Board of education

May 17, 1954

This was one of the first cases won by a black that should how "separate but equal" is not really true and how blacks feel inferior to whites.

Emmett Till murdered

Aug 28, 1955

Emmett till being murdered for whistling at a white woman really showed how white people in the south can get away with a lot and how the court systems were corrupt when it came to blacks.

Rosa Parks/ bus boycott

Dec 1, 1955

Rosa Parks gave courage to not follow Jim crow laws and not give her seat up for a white person. The bus boycott contributed to the African americans being able to go on the bus and sit where they want.

Integration of little rock

Sep 4, 1957

Integration of black children with white was a big step in the civil rights movement, it started a step towards desegregation and the president supported the black children going to school when white parents were upset.

Sit In

Feb 1, 1960

This was important because it showed how peaceful African Americans could be when protests got violent it also showed the determination and how involved segregation was.


Apr 1960

SNCC was an important part in civil rights movement and it was important because they worked down south

Freedom Riders

May 4, 1961

Freedom riders made the nation aware of such strict jim crow laws the kkk tried to stop the bus the freedom riders were on by setting it on fire.

childrens march

May 1, 1963

This was significant because children were involved in the protest

Civil Rights Act

Jul 2, 1964

Civil rights act is major because it outlawed discrimination

Jimmy Lee Jackson killed

Feb 26, 1965

Jimmy lee jackson being killed made more Americans go towards the civil rights movement and try to pass the voting rights act.

March From Selma to Montgomery

Mar 7, 1965

This was a significant march because African Americans were walking all the way to the capitol for the voting rights act and state troopers tried to end the protest but the next day failed because of the protection from the president.

Voting rights act

Aug 6, 1965

It let miniorities vote which could contribute to less racism depending on the presidents views. Many whites got in the way of them voting.