Civil Rights Timeline


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball


Showed that integration can work and that black people have real skills they can contribute to society and that they deserve a chance.

Integration of the Military


Key in showing that blacks and whites can work together equally and in showing that integration can work.

Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott


Key in eliminating bus segregation and showing the power of the african-american community when they work together.

Emmett Till Murder


Key in helping the public realize how horrible racism and violence toward african-americans was and how it needed to be stopped.

Brown vs. Board of Ed.


Ended segregation in public schools, a main initiative of the movement, and allowed for integration of other things, since Plessy vs. Furgeson was overruled in this case.

Integration of Little Rock, Kansas High School


Showed that a Supreme Court Ruling would not be ignored and that schools would be desegregated.

Sit-in - Greensboro, NC


Attracted attention towards the Civil Rights Movement.

Creation of SNCC

April, 1960

Key in organizing many protests against segregation and in favor of the Voting Rights Act.

Freedom Riders Protest


Key in helping the pubic realize the wrong-doings of violent racist people and in the enforcement of laws requiring the desegregation of interstate buses.

Children's March


Helped the public realize how horrible discrimination is and how violence toward african-americans needed to stop.

Civil Rights Act


A triumph of the movement that outlawed discrimination at large and segregation in public areas.

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed


Key in calling attention to violence toward blacks and protests and in sparking the march from Selma to Montgomery.

March from Selma to Montgomery

March 7 1965

A key protest which called attention to the movement and in the passage of the Voting Rights Act

Voting Rights Act


A key piece of legislation that outlawed discrimination in voting, thus helping the Civil Rights movement gain political power and equality.