Simple bows common in northern Europe

6000 B.C.

Wheels in Mesopotamia

4000 B.C.

Stone and wooden wheels widespread

3600 B.C.

Egyptians have mirrors of metal

3500 B.C.

Bronze (mix of tin and copper) tools common in Middle East

3000 B.C.


Sumerians divide circle into 360 degrees

3000 B.C.

Egyptians use calendar with 365 days

2773 B.C.

Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza, 481 feet high

2550 B.C.

Babylonians have multiplication tables

1800 B.C.

Sundials in Egypt

1500 B.C


Sumer has fully articulated military

2700 B.C.

First detailed account of a war, between Lagash and Umma

2525 B.C.

Copper helmets with leather liners common in Sumerian army

2500 B.C.

Sargon's army of 5,300 is big for the time

2300 B.C.

First evidence of composite bow, double range of simple bows

2250 B.C.


Troy inhabited

3000 B.C.

Trojan War (between Troy and Mycenae)

1190 B.C.

Age of Darkness in Aegean area

1100 B.C - 800 B.C.

First Olympic Games

776 B.C.

Homer writing

750 B.C.