Civil Rights Timeline


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball

March 15 1947

On that date Jackie Robinson broke baseballs all white color barrier and played in his first Major League Baseball game and from there on continued to fight for blacks.

Integration of the Military

July 26, 1948

Executive order 9981 abolished all racial discrimination in the United States Armed Forces and eventually led to the end of segregation.

Brown vs Board of Education


Brown challenged the Board of Education to get rid of segregation in public schools at the highest level in the supreme court.

Emmet Till Murdered

August 28, 1955

Emmett Till was murdered horrible for whistling or flirting with a white woman named Caroline Bryant. Her husband and his half brother went to Emmett uncles house to him away to a barn and murdered Emmett Till

Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 1, 1955

On this date Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person. Thus lead to Rosa Parks being thrown of the bus.

Little Rock Integration

September 23, 1957

9 African American students were denied entrance into Central High School. They students faced an angry mob of over 1000 white Americans protesting integration in front of Central High school.

Sit In- Greensboro, North Carolina


Greensboro sit-ins were a Non-Violent protest by the blacks leading to an increased national' sentiment at a crucial period in US history.

Creation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Comitte

April 1960

SNCC was one of the most important originations of the American civil rights movement. It was organized by Ella Baker in a student meeting held at Shaw University in April 1960.

Freedom Riders


They were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses to the segregated southern states in 1961 and years to follow to challenge the non-enforcement of US supreme court decisions of Irene Morgan vs Commonwealth of Virginia and Boynton vs Virginia.

Childrens March

May 2, 1963 - May 5,1963

The march was lead by James Bevel and it was to walk downtown to talk to the mayor about segregation in their city. Many children left their schools to be arrested and then set free and then repeat the next day. The marches were stopped by head of police Bull Conner who brought fire houses and dogs to back the children away

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed

February 18, 1965

Jimmie Lee Jackson was protecting his mother from being beaten at Mack's Café and was shot in the stomach and killed by an Alabama state trooper. Jackson was unarmed and his death inspired the Selma to Montgomery marches which was an important event in the American Civil Rights movement.

March from Selma to Montgomery

March 25, 1965

Martin Luther King led thousands of non-violent demonstrators to the steps of the capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. It was 5 day, 54 mile march from Selma to Montgomery.

Voting Rights Act

August 6, 1965

An act to enforce the 15th amendment to the constitution of the United states.

Civil Rights Act (Fair Housing)

April 11 1968

Civil Rights Act of 1968 made sure that the United states provided fair housing opportunities of race, creed, or national origin. It also made it a federal crime to force or threat or interfere with anyone by reason of race, color, religion, or national origin