civil rights


Jackie Robinson integrates baseball


Jackie Robinson, 1947 got drafted from the minors to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Many whites in the MLB segregated against him but later learned except him that he was black.

integration on military


integration of military 1948, whites and blacks were put on the same unit in military and fought side by side in the Korean war

brown vs board of education

may 17 1954

brown vs board of education 1954 may 17, abolished separate but equal and integrated schools.

Emmett Till murdered

august 1955

Emmett Till murdered August 28 1965, for whistling and flirting with a white girl at a store brutally killed.

Rosa Parks boycott

december 1955

rosa parks Montgomery bus boycott 1955 december 5, Arrested for not sitting in the back of the bus, blacks didn’t use busses for 381 days. This made busses lose a lot of money

integration of central high school


integration of central high school on little rock September 1957, troops sent in to escort and protect black students in little rock high school

Greensboro sit in

february 1960

Greensboro sit in was in February 1 1960, black college students sat at lunch counters and didn’t move, they were even beat by police

creation of student nonviolent coordinating committee

april 1960

creation of student nonviolent coordinating committee April 1960, coordinated sit in and freedom rides

Freedom Riders


Freedom riders may 4 1961, group of people called the core lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Junior to challenge segregation.

children s march


childrens march 1963 may 2,3,4 and 5, black children skipped classes to gather up and march down Birmingham

Civil Rights act


Civil rights act July 2 1965, tried to enable rights of blacks but mostly ineffective.

Jimmy Lee Jackson killed


Jimmy lee Jackson killed February 26 1965, by a Alabama state trooper his death inspired the voting of the civil rights act

March from Selma to Montgomery


March from Selma to Montgomery march 25 1965, led by Martin Luther King and thousands of other people.

voting rights act

july 1965

voting rights act 1965, banned segregation in public facilities to help blacks.