Civil rights timeline


Jackie Robinson begins playing for the Brooklyn dodgers


This movement ends the racial barrier in Major League Baseball.

Integration in the military

July 26 1948

Shows that men can fight together for the same goal no matter what their race because Truman ended segregation in the military.

Supreme Court strikes down school segregation in brown vs. board of ed.

May 1954

Ends untrue "separate but equal" terms in school.

African Americans stage boycott in Montgomery, Alabama/rosa parks


Ends segregation on buses by making the bus industry loose money. And rosa parks inspired the colored community to boycott the bus system because she was arrested.

Emmett till murdered

August 28 1955

He was murdered for just flirting with a white woman and it made everyone really upset and inspired protests and because his funeral was open coffin, everyone could see what had happened and how racist the u.s was.

Integration of central high school, little rock, Arkansas

September 1957

9 black students were stopped from getting into school by a mob of white people, so the president sent down military escorts to get them into the school. This helped encourage more black children to go to school and the I negation of more schools.

Sit in - Greensboro, NC


People sat in and practiced the non violence way, to show that they were innocent and they would sit in all white places and not move. They helped by standing up for what they believed in and making a movement.

Student non violent coordination committee (SNCC)

April 1960

They fiercely supported black power and inspired people up north to help contribute.

Freedom riders came to the south from the north

May 1961

They came and were beaten and almost murmured for coming into the south, and when they arrived where they needed to go, they were arrested, which made people angry and try to help.

Children's march

May 1963

When the children marched they were pushed away violently by the police, and then supported by JFK and led to the civil rights act.

Congress passes civil rights act

July 2 1964

Means everyone has equal civil rights.

Jimmy lee jackson killed

February 26 1965

A civil rights protester who was shot and killed by an Alabama state trooper, while he was unarmed. He inspired the Selma to Montgomery marches.

March from Selma to Montgomery

March 1965

There were 3 marches from Selma to Montgomery the first was stopped violently by police, the second, they turned and went to church, and the third they made it. It inspired people to help and protect people like jimmy lee jackson.

Voting act

August 6 1965

It is made illegal to discriminate in voting, which gave more room for the different opinions of minorities.