Untitled timeline


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball


Jackie Robinson breaks a racial barrier by joining white men on the baseball team the Dodgers

Integration of Military

July 1948

President Harry Truman attempts to enforce racial equality by integrating the military

Brown vs. BOE

1951 - may 1954

Oliver Brown complains to court on behalf of his black daughter about racial segregation of the school

Emmet Till Murder

august 1955 - February 2007

Emmett Till was killed for whistling at a white women while visting family in mississppi

Rosa Parks

december 1955 - december 1956

Rosa Parks refused to get up out of a white seat and was arrested. This encouraged the bus boycott.

Integration of Central Highschool

september 1957

9 african american students were blocked by the national guard from entering a newly integrated school.


february 1960

4 african american college students sat in a white booth at a restaurant and refused to move unless served


april 1960

Provided young black people with a place in the Civil Rights Movement

Freedom Riders

may 1961

They were attacked by mobs.

Children's March

May 1963

A march of hundreds of students takes place in Birmingham, Alabama

Civil Rights Act

july 1964

enforced by congress to give racial equality

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed

February 1965

Jackson was part of the civil rights movement and was shot and killed by a state trooper

March to Montgomery

March 1965

Blacks marched to montgomery in support of voting rights

Voting Rights Act

august 1965

This act passed by congress banned any barriers in african american voting