Untitled timeline


jackie robinson

Approx. 1947

Jackie Robinson changed the face of the all American sport called baseball

integregation of the miitary

Approx. 1948

in 1948 Nary Truman ordered interrogation to end segregation in military

brown vs. board of education

Approx. 1954

In the field of public education the doctrine of separate but equal has no place

Topeka Kansas

emmett till murdered


Emmett was kidnapped and murdered because he had a relationship with a white girl

rosa parks/montgomery busy boycott


Rosa parks was arrested for sitting in the wrong part of the bus and people got mad and they took the law away.

Montgomery Alabama

integration of centeral high school little rock


After being pushed put of a school because of their color thru president sent troops into the school with the students to keep them safe

creation of student non violent coordinating committee


Students would do sit ins and make protests and created a large organization of non violence and segregation

sit in greensbro


Black students sat at the counter at a store and protested

freedom riders


A bunch of black people were protesting around the country on a bus and it turned very violent

childrens march

Approx. 1963

Many children left their schools and got arrested so they could stop segregation

civil right act


Kennedy was assassinated the new president Lyndon Johnson moved the law along the way Kennedy wanted

voting rights act


President Johnson went on national Television supporting the voting rights law


jimmy lee jackson


Jimmy was killed by a police officer from trying to protect elderly family members during a protest

march crom selma to montgomery


Known as bloody Sunday 600 people matched for jimmy lee Jackson deaths and were beaten and some even killed