Civil Rights Timeline

By: Dylan Verderame


Jackie Robinson Inegretes baseball

April 15,1947

He opened the doors for African American Athletes and he showed African Americans could be as sucessful as whites.

Inetgration of the military

July 26,1948

African Americans and whites were fighting side by side for our country.

Brown v Board or Education

May 17,1954

African American children were allowed equal learning conditions as white children.

The murder of Emmett Till

August 28,1955

His death ignited the civil rights movements.

Rosa Parks, Montgomery bus botcott

December 1,1955 - January 1,1956

Segration stop on the buses and blacks and whites were slowely becoming equal.

Integration of Central High School

September 4,1957

The supreme court ruled segragation in schools unconstitutional and gave Black kids and white the same chance to be sucessful in life.

Sit-in Greensboro North Carolina


The African Americans were refusing the Jim Crow laws showing they will fight for their rights.

The Creation of SNCC

April 1960

A group of Black college students sat in at a lunch counter although many were arrested lunch counters started integrating.

Freedom Riders

May 4,1961

The freedom riders but pressure on the government to do something because of the levels of violence also they inspired other African Americans in the south to do something.

Children's March

May 2,1963 - May 5,1963

Children Marched in Birmingham and brought segregation to its knees and made people realize how bad segregation really is which led to desegregation laws.

March from Selma to Montgomery

March 7,1964

This March led to the Voting Rights Act being passed.

Civil Rights Act

July 2,1964

The Blacks and Whites were now equal.

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed


This was the catalyst to the March from Selma to Montgomery.

Voting Rights Act

August 6,1965

This law gave African American power socially now that they have the right to vote.