Untitled timeline


Brown Vs Board of Education

may 17 1945

Let blacks and whites go to school together

Jackie Robinson

april 15 1947

JR was the first black baseball player in the major leagues

Integration of the military

july 26 1948

Let people of all races join the military

Rosa Parks bus boycott

1955 - 1956

Bus company ran out of money because no blacks took the bus

Emit Till murdered

July 27 1955

Killed for flirting with a white girl

Integration of central high school


9 black students attended a white high school

Sit-in Greensbro

February 1 1960

A non-violent Protest


april 1960

Freedom riders

may 4 1961

Ruled out segregation on public buses

Children's March

may 5 1963

Blacks marched to speak to the major about segregation

Civil rights act

july 2 1964

to end African american segregation

March from Selma to Montgomery

march 7 1965 - march 25 1965

a march for voting rigths

voting rights act

august 6 1965

Gave black people the right to vote