civil rights


rosa parks

February 4 1913

she stood up to a white man on the bus because she wouldn't give up her seat to himm

jackie robinson

april 15 1947

was the first african american major league baseball player of modern era

brown vs board of education

may 17 1955

concerning the issue of segregation in schools

emmet till murdered

august 28 1955

whistled at a white women who owned a store and then her husband kidnapped the young boy, killed him and then threw him in the Mississippi river

interrogation of central high school little rock

September 4 1957

a white mob gathered in front of the school governor faubus deployed the Arkansas national guard to prevent blacks from entering the school

sit in Greensboro, NC

February 1 1960

provoked all manners of emotions when they occurred and remained an important part of the civil war

creation of SNCC commettie

april 14 1960

supporters raise funds to support SNCC in the sssouth

freedom riders

may 4 1961

were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern united states

jimmy lee jackson

February 26 1965

was a civil rights protester who was shot and killed by Alabama state trooperm james bonard fowler

civil rights act

august 6 1965

the right for everyone to vote