Civil Rights Timeline


Jackie Robinson Intergrates Baseball

April 15, 1947

The courage Jackie Robinson had to handle such abuse inspired many African Americans to question the doctrine "Separate but Equal" and he helped pave the path for the Civil Rights Movement.

Intergration of the Military

July 26, 1948

This was important because it was the first time other races could become soldiers and support the United States, by uniting all races.

Brown vs. Board of Education

May 17, 1954

It helped the Civil Rights movement by enabling both blacks and whites to receive an equal education.

Emmett Till Murdered

August 28, 1955

The murderers where never charged, and made a joke out of the killing, offending many and gaining support from many nation wide.

Rosa Parks and The Mountgomery Bus Boycott

December 1, 1955 - December 20, 1956

Theses events ended the segregation of public transportation.

Intergration of central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

September 23, 1957

The importance of this event is that the national government stepped in and overpowered the state government, reinforcing their supreme ranking.

Sit-In - Greensboro, North Carolina

February 1, 1960

This event sparked a series of Sit-In's where they showed that they deserve equal rights to be served where whites are served.

Creation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

April 15, 1960

This committee helped by encouraging young people to remain Non-Violent when working to gain their rights.

Freedom Riders

May 4, 1961

After months of unequal treatment towards " Freedom Riders" Attorney General Kennedy ordered 600 federal marshals to the city to stop the violence and protect the riders.

Children's March

May 2, 1963 - May 5, 1963

This march helped gain the support of president John F. Kennedy, and led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Civil Rights Act

July 2, 1964

This act was the act that outlawed discrimination towards races, colors, and genres.

Jimmy Lee Jackson killed

February 26, 1965

This innocent man was killed by a state trooper, while peacefully protesting showing just how unfair and prejudice the police where towards blacks.

March from Selma to Mountgomery

March 7, 1965 - March 25, 1965

This march protected the rights of theses people to freely march in protest.

Voting Rights Act

August 6, 1965

This act allowed everyone to have a say in who received a government position.