Civil Rights Timeline


Jackie Robinson interogrates baseball


this opened up a new door for athletes of all sports and kick started the civil rights movement because he broke the color barrier that people said would never be broken.

Integration of the military

Approx. 06/26/1948

Cleared racism in u.s military and allowed them to focus on other conflicts with other nations and prove to them that there is freedom in the u.s so u.s and other nations can form an alliance to go up against the soviet union

Brown vs board of education


This changed the way education was doled out to children overruling separate but equal in children's education because the education between white and black children clearly wasn't equal.

Emmett Till Murdered


shocked Americans that a young boy could get beaten to death by whistling at a white women and to show the severity of the beatings tills mother left an open casket at his funeral

Rosa parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott


It showed black Americans that they could achieve an effective peaceful protest

Integration of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas


showed separate facilities for whites and blacks were unequal in the policy separate but equal

Sit in- Greensboro, North Carolina


showed that they werent going to just accept the fact that they werent going to be served in places for whites so they stood up for themselves

Creation of Student Non violent coordinating committee (SNCC)

Approx. 4/1960

showed how many people followed the civil rights act because people from all over the world sat in quietly in restaurants waiting to be served even though they had been told they wouldnt be served and these people took major beatings and if they fought back they would be sent to jail not the person attacking thrm

Freedom Riders

Approx. 5/4/1961 - Approx. 9/1961

american white and blacks sat on the "wrong" side of the bus then what the jim crowe laws demanded and people were outraged at what violence the freedom riders faced

Children's March

5/2/1963 - 5/5/1963

this was a realization that peaceful action of protesters would show the nation the ugly nature of racism

Civil Rights Act


outlawed discrimination of all religions in america making every human being of every race equal in america

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed

Approx. 2/1965

forced movement leaders to start a march which eventually led to pass voting acts of 1965

Voting rights act


by the end of 1966 only 4 out of 13 southern states had fewer than 50 percent of African Americans registered to vote.