civil rights timeline


sit-in - greensboro, north carolina

august 1939

It showed not all whites were racist and they try to communicate and let them know

jackie robinson

april 15 1947

Jackie Robinson impacted the world by showing that whites could play with blacks

Integration of military

july 26 1948

This impacted civil rights because you had whites and blacks fighting along side protecting eachother

Brown v board of education

may 17 1954

This had an impacted on the public eye howing that the blacks had it hard

emmett till murdered

August 28, 1955

Emmett's death followed by an open casket sparked some sympathy for blacks

Rosa parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott

december 1 1955 - December 20 1956

This showed blacks wanted to be equal and not segeragated

integration of central high school, little rock, Arkansas

september 23 1957

This event showed that the government was trying to integrate blacks and whites

Creation of student non - violent coordinating committee (sncc)

april 1960

help students not be discriminated against

freedom riders

May 4, 1961 - May 21, 1961

This had am impact because the freedom riders didn't give up showing their determination

Children's march

may 2 1963 - may 5 1963

This had an impact because other children were viewing this and feeling sorry for the children and helping them

Civil rights act

July 2, 1964

This act made it illegal to discriminate against race for one thing and made blacks happy to see some change

jimmy lee jackson killed

february 26 1965

jimmy died for a cause he thought was good and many were inspired by it

march from selma to montgomery

march 6 1965 - march 25 1965

The marches were a symbol to show that blacks would not five up their fight for freedoms

Voting rights act

august 6 1965

This showed that they were equal enough to vote and a human without fear