Civil rights timeline


Jackie Robison Integrates Baseball


By integrating to the baseball league he achieve black equality by being the first black baseball player

Integration of the Military


In 1948, President Truman ordered the integration of all race units. this encouraged all different races to join the military and showed that they're not useless.

Brown vs board of education

Approx. 05/17/1954

The Brown vs Board of education case effected the civil rights movement by desegregation of schools so schools wasn't separated by race

Emmett till Mirdered


Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott

Approx. 12/01/1955 - Approx. 12/21/1956

The African Americans didn't go on any bus and just walked to places so when they stopped going on the busses the bus company lost more and more money each day. Soon the busses were equal and you can sit anywhere

Integration of Centrail High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

Approx. 09/04/1957

The governor of Arkansas did not want mixed races so he didn't let 9 African American students. The president escorted into the school with military troops. This forced schools to allow mixed races

Creation of Students Non-Violent Coordinating Committe


Many Non-Violent protest in 1960. Non-Violent meant that they would not put a finger on anyone. They new if a fight broke out and a African American hit a white person they would be sentenced to jail. This was a big spark in the civil rights movement

Sit-in - Greensboro, North Carolina


People protested by sitting in which w's the process of sitting and refusing to leave.

Freedom riders


The whole point of free rides was to get people to notice how bad segregation is.

Children's March


Children's march was that a bunch of African American marching and a lot of the people were kids, one the city people had enough of the people they agreed to desegregate public facilities so African Americans can work.

Civil Rights Act


The bill pushed by president Johnson was banned discrimination in public facilities and outlawed discrimination in employment. It also provided for faster school desegregation and further protected voting rights.

March from Selma to Montgomery


The march from Selma to Montgomery was terrible. Cops waited for the marchers and when they saw them, they through gas at them, They whipped them, and they brought clubs. The state troopers using this kind of force people started to notice that segregationist bad and something should be done

Voting Rights Act


When they were marching state troopers set upon marchers with tear gas, clubs, and whips.
After that president Johnson went on TV and said how much he supported voting rights law.

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed