Untitled timeline


Neolithic Revolution

8000 BC

Invention of Writing in Mesopotamia

3000 bc

Pyramids in Egypt

2500 bc

Hammurabi’s Code

2000 BC

Abraham travels to Canaan

2000 bc

Indus Valley Civilization

1800 BC

Life of Lao Tzu (founder of Daoism)

500 BC

Life of the Buddha

500 BC

Life of Confucius

500 BC

Qin Shihuangdi (who built a unified China)

210 BC

Life of Asoka

200 BC

Life of Jesus Christ

33 ad

Life of the Prophet Muhammad

632 AD

Ghana Empire

1200 AD

The Mongol

1200 AD

Mali Empire: (This includes Timbuktu and Mansa Musa

1400 AD

Discovery of Fire