SS6 World History

Human History

First Human

250000 bc

First human appeared 250,000 years ago

Arrive in Middle East

100000 bc

Humans arrived in Middle East 100,000 years ago

Discovery of Fire

15000 bc

People discovered fire

Neolithic Revolution

8000 bc

Humans learned how to farm, tame an animal


2500 bc

Egyptians made a Pyramid

Indus valley civilization

2300 bc - 1700 bc

People lived in Indus valley from 2300 b.c to 1700 b.c

Abraham's travel

2000 bc

Abraham had a travel to Canaan

Hammurabi's code

2000 bc

Hammurabi made code of laws

Life of Buddha

500 bc

Buddha lived around 500 b.c

Life of confucious

500 bc

Confucianism got invented around 500 b.c

Life of Lao Tzu

500 bc

Lao Tzu lived near 500 b.c

Life of Qin Shihuangdi

250 bc - 210 bc

Qin Shihuangdi lived near 250 b.c and died at about 210 b.c

Life of Asoka

200 bc

Asoka lived near 200 b.c

Life of Jesus

0 ad - 33 ad

Jesus was born at 0 and died at the age 33 (33 a.d).

Life of the Prophet Muhammad

570 ad - 632 ad

Muhammad was born at 570 a.d and died at 632 a.d

Ghana Empire

1000 ad - 1200 ad

Ghana empire were active between 1000 a.d and 1200 a.d

Mali Empire

1200 ad - 1400 ad

Mali empire were active between 1200 a.d and 1400 a.d, including Mansa Musa and Timbuktu.

The Mongols

1200 ad

Genghis Khan and the Mongols were active at about 1200 a.d