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Black plague enters lives

1333 - 1711

The Black Plague which would eventually destroy most of china's population, hits the north-eastern Chinese province of Hopei.

Plague arrives in Europe


The Black plague appears in Europe. It was brought over by trading ships that most likely came from the Black Sea. It was believed that the rats that were on-board the ships were the holders of the plague and infected everything on there, bringing the plague to European shores.

Plague spreads to Africa


By 1347, the Plague reached Alexandria in north Africa, carried by the infected travellers on their ships. Only 3 survivors were recorded.

Plague arrives in England


The Black plague spreads to England and was released at a city name Bristol, a famous European port. The plague arrived in the summer of August or somewhere around that time. This was the beginning stages of the plague

Plague reaches London


The Black Plague is quickly brought over to London on November 1st 1348. London was well-known as it was quite crowded and had a population of 70,000. The hygiene in London was poor and the living conditions were horrifically disgusting, making it easy for the plague to reach its victims.

King Edward III orders streets to be clear of bodies


King Edward III in 1349, ordered the towns and streets to be cleared of dead and deceased bodies. He complained that the streets were "foul with human faces", and the air of the city is dangerous to people passing by.

3000 Jews are killed in Germany


In Erfurt, Germany, 3000 Jews were killed and exterminated by the horrendous disease. The ones who survived the Black Plague, were soon killed by the christian mobs by 1350. There were almost no Jews left in Germany in 1351.

200 people buried everyday


When the Black plague reached London on November 1 1348, 200 people were being buried everyday from February 1349. The deceased were buried at the Smithfield graveyard, people died so quickly the graveyard was neatly piled 5 deep. Smithfield is located in London.

Black Plague reaches Moscow. The whole continent is now infected


Poll tax recorded 4 Gloucestershire villages as having no return.


Peasants Revolt


Because of the fast death rate, Lords were losing more and more workers and the workers who replaced the deceased ones were forced to do more work and get less pay. This caused and started the Peasants Revolt as they demanded higher pay.

4th outbreak of the plague


In 1388, the 4th outbreak of the Black plague spread out and killed many more peasants, knights and basically everyone in the social hierarchy.

Great plague of Milan


In northern Italy, the Italian plague came along and took the lives of 280,000 people. Venice and Lombardy took first place in the highest death rate. People with the Italian plague were moved out of the city to die or to recover.

Plague Reaches Austria


By 1711, the Black plague stole millions of lives all across the continent and finally reached Austria, killing and taking more lives.