Untitled timeline


Chorkuru Ravages Humanity


The Kuru infected meat is evolved due to preservatives used by large meal corporations in Eastern Hemisphere. Newly developed Kuru virus, named Chokurus afflicts human society, decreasing world population by 44%. This leads to research discovering that this new disease has a small strand able to cure any disease in any human. This leads to healthier and wealthier populations across the globe.

Creation of Transistor Government


A new type of world government ran by world leaders, now known as the Bastions. This society is known as Transistor, where there are no longer riots and wars through the means of military presence and living is bettered through the means of technological improvement.

Emergence of The Spine


The Spine, the technology behind Transistor, is updated to be able to spy on Transistor's citizen in order to maintain peace by sending military to the areas of high crime probability as well as to track down members of The New Republic.

Future Event #1

The Chorus Foundation


The Chorus are founded in Northern Africa by Idi Bokassa, grandson of Jean Bedel Bokassa.

Chorus Attacks in Eastern Hemisphere


Chorus ravage parts of the Eastern Hemisphere, causing problems for European, Asian, and African governments.

Chorus Kuru Virus


The Chorus kill those affected with the Kuru virus, using their power to send bodies infected to large meal corporations to use as 'meat'.

Future Event #2

Technological Advancements


Large technological advancements such as the creation of The Spine, the 'backbone' of technology. New creations as implemented health monitors and social techs such as phones and televisions.



Due to creation of Transistor, small parts of this new society revolt against the Bastions, leading to the foundation of the New Republic, lead by pseudo-leaders Red and Blue.

Private Military Contractors


Military's are too small to keep control of different parts of Transistor. The Bastions vote to use PMC's as another use of security in 'poorer' areas of Transistor.

Future Event #3

Attacks on Bastions

2135 - 2141

The New Republic and it's 'military' group led attacks on high-ranking members of the Bastions in efforts to over through the government of Transistor.

'Gold Leaves'


Using technology of the Spine, the New Republic creates defense and countermeasure systems called Gold Leaves. Using Gold Leaves, the New Republic is able to enter cities undetected by the Spine and chances to lead more riots against the Bastions.

Downfall of The Spine and Transistor.


The New Republic gains the upper-hand in the war with the Bastions. The Spine is corrupted by the New Republic and the Bastions are executed by the leaders of the New Republic.