Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Timeline


Isreal is founded

May 14, 1948

The British withdraw from Israel. The Jewish National Assembly proclaims the state of Israel

U.N. admission

May 11, 1949

Israel is admitted to the U.N.

The Six Day War begins

June 5, 1967

The Six Day War begins when Israel invades Egypt

The Six Day War Ends

June 11, 1967

The Six Day War ends with Israel occupying all of Palestine

Israel recognizes P.L.O.


Israel recognizes P.L.O.

First Peace talks disrupted


First Peace talks disrupted when Israel starts to build in the West Bank

Security Wall


Israel begins building security wall

Building in the West Bank by Israel

January 21, 2014

Israel approves plans to build 1,400 homes hindering peace talks between Israel and Palestine