Jason Couzis Timeline Period 8


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball


Was important as it let African-Americans reject the idea of "Separate, but Equal" and embrace integration.

Integration of the Military


Proved that "Separate but Equal" was wrong on a federal level, and pressured the south to get rid of the Jim Crow Laws.

Brown vs. Board


Proved that "Separate, but Equal" was wrong to the Constitution, giving African-Americans more confidence about getting rid of the Jim Crow Laws.

Emmett Till Murder


Inspired African Americans to conduct a civil rights movement, due to the fact he was murdered innocently, and the killer was proved innocent.

Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott

12/1/1955 - 12/21/1956

This matters as it doesn't separate African Americans and whites anymore, so if they mix socially, they realize they aren't different, and discrimination may be eliminated.

Integration of Central High School


Gave African Americans confidence to go against the schools and get them/their kids to go to white schools as well, along with the nine candidates.

Creation SNCC


It gave African Americans hope for equality, as these kids had the confidence/courage to come and help.

Sit In- Greensboro, NC


Gave African Americans more confidence to protest and go against local rules, so the federal govt. would get involved, and fix the law.

Freedom Riders


To people that the Freedom Riders help, they gained confidence as the freedom riders had freedom up North, so they knew it was possible.

Children's March


Increased confidence of African Americans as others (children) had the courage to protest.

Civil Rights Act


Was an effect of all African American efforts, and it let African Americans be even closer to equality, causing them to strive even more for total equality.

Jimmy Lee Jackson


Jimmy Lee Jackson's death helped result in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as it inspired many African Americans to protest.

Selma to Alabama March


Was another cause of the Voting Rights Act being signed.

Voting Rights Act


It let African Americans have equal voting rights, and equal representation in government to whites, which is important for their equality.