civil rights movement


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball


This matters because the fact that an African American was playing sports and was actually really good, showed many sports teams that they should give the African Americans a chance. Also many sports teams were then integrated.

integration of Military

september 18 1948

this mattered because the president, upon declaring that the military must be integrated, said that this was his good progress report.

brown vs. board of education


This matters in the civil rights movement because it was the beginning to children, namely African Americans , feeling non-inferior. This was also something that mattered because the studies had shown that African had a feeling of inferiority already and they said it could affect their schoolwork.

Rosa Parks\montgomery Bus Boycott


This matters because the people, many of which took the bus every day, were sick and tired of having to sit in the back off the bus. They all came together and this help them show the world that they wouldn't back down and the law of blacks sitting in the back of the bus was no longer a law.

Emmett Till Murdered

August 28 1955

This matters because a child was killed after being brutally tortured, just for cat-calling to a white girl

Integration of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

September 23 1957

Creation Of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Comittee (SNCC)

1960 - 1966

Sit-In -- Greensboro , North Carolina

February 1 1960

People were tortured bullied attacked and then they were arrested for doing nothing

Freedom Riders

may 4 1961

Freedom people were brutally tortured and set on fore and no one did anything for them or to help

childrens march

may 2 1963 - may 5 1963

Civil Rights act


Voting Right Act


Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed

february 26 1965

March From Selma to montgomery

march 25 1965