History Timeline

Made by Griffin Milas


Establishment of the Roman Republic

509 BC

Changed Roman government from an empire to a republic

Death of Socrates

399 BC

Socrates was a free thinker who was killed for opposing common beliefs

Death of Julius Caesar

44 BC

Caesar, one of the most powerful and famous Roman rulers, was assassinated

Birth of Jesus

Approx. 3 BC

Born from the Virgin Mary, Jesus would become the prophet for Christianity

Death of Jesus

29 AD

Jesus was crucified on the cross, symbolically dying for his followers salvation

Vikings Sack Rome

410 AD

Visigoths invade what used to be the most powerful and protected city

Charlemagne Crowned Holy Roman Emporer

800 AD

Creates a power struggle between kings and the pope/papacy

Johann Gutenberg Creates Printing Press

1044 AD

Makes bookmaking easier and cheaper, causing an increase in literacy

East-West Schism

1054 AD

A split between the ways to practice Christianity- Roman or Orthodox

William the Conqueor Invades England

1066 AD

Invades England and conquers it for Normandy

Christians Take Jerusalem in 1st Crusade

1099 AD

The Christians, after being kicked out years ago by Muslims, retake Jerusalem

King John Signs Magna Carta

1215 AD

Magna Carta becomes one of the most celebrated documents in English history

Outbreak of the Black Death in Italy

1384 AD

Black Death kills between 1/3 and 1/2 of the population of Europe

End of the Hundred Years' War

1453 AD

England fought France, England had better technology but less numbers, France won

Vasco da Gama Reaches Calicut

1498 AD

1st over-seas route from Europe to Asia, lays sea trade route

Raphael Completes the School of Athens

1509 AD

The painting shows examples of classicism, showing important Roman and Greek thinkers

Mona Lisa Painted by Leonardo da Vinci

1517 AD

One of the most famous paintings of all time, some believe it's a self portrait

Martin Luther Posts 95 Theses

1517 AD

Sparks the Reformation, causing the Great Schism and many new branches of Christianity

Hernando Cortes Lands on the Shores of Mexico

1520 AD

Conquers the Aztec empire, claimed land in Central America for Spain

Francisco Pizarro Marches Force into South America

1530 AD

A conquistador, Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire and claimed land for Spain

Last Day of School at Qualters Middle

2014 AD

Students attending Qualters have few months' break before returning for high school