Caitlin Cogan


Julius Caesar's Death

Approx. 44 BCE

Julius Caesar was stabbed.

Birth of Jesus

4 CE

Born in Bethleham.

Death of Jesus

Approx. 29 CE

He was nailed to the cross.

Death of Socrates

Approx. 399 CE

He died by drinking Hemlock.

Muhammad leaves Mecca on the Hirjah

622 CE

Muhammad leaves Mecca with followers to Hirjah.

Completion of the Dome of the Rock

Approx. 691 CE

Famous sight in Jerusalem.

Charlamagne was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor by the pope

771 CE

After Caroloman's death Charlomagne becomes new emperor.

The Vikings sack Rome

900 CE

Vikings conquered Asia.

The establishment of the Guilds

1000 CE

Guilds started to be used.

William the conqueror invades England

Approx. 1066 CE

William claimed the English crown and invaded England with a Norman army.

King John of England forced to sign the Magna Carta

1215 CE

King John relunctanly signed the Magna Carta.

The end of the Hundred Years' War

1453 CE

The battle of England and France have come to an end.

Johann Gutenberg creates a printing press that "changed the world"

1455 CE

Johann created the first full size book.

Vasco Da Gama reaches Calicut

1498 CE

They found spices, silk, and other riches.

Leonardo Da Vinci creates the Mona Lisa

1506 CE

The Mona Lisa was created and is still in museums today.

Raphael completes the School of Athens

Approx. 1508 CE

The School of Athens was one of his greatest accomplishments.

Martin Luther posted the 95 theses

1517 CE

He posted opinions against Johann Tetzel.

Outbreak of Black Death in Italy

1629 CE

Many people were affected by the Black death and many people died.

Japan instituted a "closed country policy"

1639 CE

They sealed their borders and created the policy.

Abraham moves his family and herds into the promised land of Canaan

1800 CE

Abraham moved from Egypt to Canaan.

Last day of school at Qualters Middle School

Approx. 2014

The last day for all Mansfield students.