Civil Rights Timeline

Civil Movements Timline

Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball

April 15, 1947

First African American to be in the MLB which caused a lot of hatred against him.

Brooklyn, NY

Integration of the Militar

July 26 1948

Prevented racism in the US armed forces.

Washington D.C.

Brown vs Board Of Education

May 17 1954

A United States Supreme court case that made the "separate but equal laws."

Topeka Kansas

Emmett Till Murdered

August 28 1955

Emmett, who was a 14 year old boy flirted with a white women. Then the woman's husband and his brother went and kidnapped,tortured, and then killed him. His body was found three days later.

Money Mississippi

Rosa Parks Gets Arrested

December 1 1955

Rosa Parks refused to move her seat for a white person on a bus and was then arrested.

Montgomery, Alabama

Integration of Central High School,Little Rock, AK

September 3 1957

Nine African American students were sent to little rock high-school,it was an all white high-school. Then a mob formed outside to try and stop the African American students from entering, then the armed forces were sent to protect the kids.

Little Rock Arkansas

Creation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee SNCC

February 1 1960

The SNCC is an organization formed by black college students to fight segregation in the south.

Mississippi,Georgia,Arkansas,Alabama,and Maryland

Sit In Greensboro, NC

February 1 1960

People tried to protest against segregation by sitting down and not getting up.

Greensboro NC

Freedom Riders

May 4 1961 - May 17 1961

They were a group of black and white people who organized a ride from Washington DC to New Orleans to protest segregation. The plan was to arrive in New Orleans on May 17 but they didn't make it because the were attacked.

Started in DC and were forced to stop in Jackson Mississippi.

Children's March

May 2 1963 - May 5 1963

People marched to try and rebel against racism but in the end many people bot arrested.

Birmingham, Alabama

Civil Rights Act

July 2 1964

Outlawed discrimination because of race,color,religion,sex, or national origin.

Congress Washington DC

Jimmie Lee Jackson Killed

February 18 1965

Jimmy was part of a protest that was attacked by police, the police kept on beating him and then shot him. This resulted in him dying.

Marion Alabama

March From Selma to Montgomery

March 21 1965 - March 25 1965

The SCNN started to protest by marching, then state troopers attacked the marchers with clubs and many people were hospitalized.

Selma to Montgomery Alabama

Voting Rights Act

August 6 1965

Allowed some African Americans to vote.

Washington DC