Civil Rights Movement


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball

1947 - 1956

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major league baseball.

Integration of the Military


Harry S. Truman orders all white soldiers and African Americans to fight together in the Korean War.

Brown vs. Board of Education

1951 - 05/17/1954

Oliver Brown sued Topeka, Kansas for not letting their daughter Linda go to an all white school where her current all black school was too far. It ended with a total integration of schools all over the U.S.

Emmett Till Murdered


Emmett Till an African American was on vacation with his family when he walked in a white store and whistled at a white woman. News got around town fast that he whistled at a white woman and was later found to be brutally dead.

Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott

12/01/1955 - 12/21/1956

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man and was than taken to jail. African Americans boycotted busses for 381 days until they were aloud to sit in the front like whites

Integration of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas


Arkansas governor called in the National Guard to keep African Americans out of Central High, a few weeks later President Eisenhower sends troops to protect and get African Americans in the schools.

Sit In - Greensboro, North Carolina


4 African American students of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat at a local lunch counter, and when asked to leave they peacefully protested this led to other Sit In's all around the country.

Creation Of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee


4 young colleges students peacefully protested against segregation in the south. This group later led to the Sit In - Greensboro, North Carolina.

Freedom Riders

05/04/1961 - 11/01/1961

7 African Americans and 6 Whites left Washington D.C. on separate busses to go around the country and protest the Supreme Courts ruling which was segregation in interstate bus and rail stations unconstitutional.

Children's March

05/02/1963 - 05/05/1963

African American children marched to gain more civil rights rather than have their parents, who could loose their job. Images of the children being fought by police played on TV that night, and Americans were outraged.

Civil Rights Act


After many years of protesting African Americans finally got their Civil Rights, these prohibited discrimination in public places and employment discrimination was illegal.

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed


Jimmy Lee Jackson was protesting the arrest of James Orange, many people were protesting late at night when things got out of hand a state trooper shot Jackson in the stomach.

March from Selma to Montgomery


Thousands of African Americans marched from Selma Alabama to the Montgomery Capital to gain the right to vote.

Voting Rights Act


After the Selma Montgomery march police beat down innocent African Americans, this caused congress took a closer look at African Americans Voting Rights which was than granted to them later that year.