Civil Rights Movement


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball

April 15,1947

Some welcomed him to the sport while other didn't. He paved the way for African Americans to be able to participate in professional sports.

Integration of the Military

July 26,1948

President Truman was not a believer of segregation. By doing this, African Americans knew they had support by important people

Brown v. Board of Education

May 17, 1954

This integrated schools for all children and showed that ending segregation was possible.

Emmett Till Murdered


This sparked an outrage among the African Americans causing them to fight even harder for their rights.

Rosa Parks

December 1, 1955

This caused many people to boycott riding the buses.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 5, 1955 - November, 1956

Buses were no longer segregated.

Integration of Central High School


This made a big change in the Civil Rights Movement because even the president believed everyone should have equal rights.

Sit-In, Greensboro, North Carolina


This was the first of many sit-ins at lunch counters to end segregation in public places.

Creation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

April, 1960

It created a lot of opportunities for people to fight for their rights.

Freedom Riders

5/4/61 - 9/22/61

The Freedom Riders achieved integration in interstate transit terminals.

Children's March

May 2,1963 - May 5,1963

It showed the whole city what people would do to African Americans when they fought for their rights.

Civil Rights Act


This was the biggest event in the Civil Rights Movement, it banned discrimination in public facilities which was what people wanted.

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed


Jimmy Lee Jackson's death inspired many important marches to help gain equal rights.

March from Selma to Montgomery

3/7/65 - 3/25/65

This resulted in a couple of deaths but also helped get the Voting Rights Act passed.

Voting Rights Act

August 6, 1965

This allowed African Americans to vote, which would give them a say in who would be elected, which they wanted all along.