timeline for civil events

civil events for Jackie Robinson intergration of military brown vs board of education children's march rosa parks montgomery bus boycott voting rights creation of the (SNCC) central high school sit in greensboro nc jimmy lee jackson death march from selmamtomontogomery civil rights act emmit till murder freedom riders


Jackie Robinson first baseball game

april 15 1947 - june 4 1971

Jackie Robinson breaks color barrior and plays first major league baseball game for the brooklyn dodgers

Integrated military

July 16 1948 - june 2014

military can get stronger and have more people working together to fight for our country

Brown vs Board of Educatiom

May 17 1954 - may 15 1963

Mr Brown tried to make it possible for everyone to be able to go to the same schools

Emmett Till Murder

August 25 1955 - august 26 1956

he was killed for teying to share his peace that everyone is still equal he was later found in his house dead

Rosa Parks buss boycott

December 1 1955 - december 4 1956

Sat in wrong part of bus. A white man need the seat she would not give it up. Then was arrested

Central Highschool little rock

September 4 1957 - october 8 1959

Black students were protected by the military as they went to the central high school in little rock

Greensboro sit in

February 1 1960 - march 15 1961

Four black students sat in resturants and were beaten because they were not welcome there

creation of the SNCC

April 1960 - May 1961

tried to make sure that no violence was creafed in schools with black and white students

Freedom riders

May 4 1961 - November 9 1962

People that wanted everyone to be treated the same and not as two different kinds of people

children's march

May 2 1963 - May 5 1963

Stidents marched around the school until they were able to go to school and were treated fairly

Civil rights act

July 2 1964 - july 4 1965

this was so that everyone was treated as one group of people and have the same rights as everyone else in the US

Jimmie Lee Jackson killed

February 26 1965 - February 27 1965

tried to help out his tired and injured grandpa and grandma how had been work and walk a long distance and had to rest. Sadly they beat him for not moving and because of it he would die

march from selma to montgomery

march 25 1965 - march 28 1965

Many black people walked a few milies from selma to montgomery. When they got there they were stopped by state troops. They were the beaten or sprayed with water

voting rights act

August 6 1965 - june 2014

allowed blacks to vote if they could pass three different tests. Only a few of them were able to pass the test and then vote