Civil Rights Timeline/Map


Jackie Robinson played his first MLB game.

April 15 1947

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the MLB. He set a good tone for the rest of the African Americans to follow.

Intergration of the Military

July 26 1948

On this data segregation ended in the military, giving blacks get the same rights as the white men in the war. It gives a chance to blacks to show that they are capable of doing great things for themselves and the country.

Brown vs. Board of Eduation

May 17 1954

This was the date when the Supreme Court stated that segregation in public schools were unconstitutional. This changed the school system greatly in a positive way in black segregation.

Emmett Till Murdered

August 28 1955

It sparked the African Americans to stand up for the end of segregation and et the civil rights they deserve.

Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 1 1955 - December 20 1956

African American never stood up for their civil rights until now, which shows that they care how they are treated and want to be treated fair.

Integration of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

September 23 1957

It gave Blacks an opportunity to get the same rights as a white person in school and get the right education they deserve.

Sit-In - Greensboro, North Carolina

February 1 1960

These were many sit ins at public places to end segregation at lunches and at public places.

Creation of student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

April 1960

It gave a chance for African Americans, wasn't as hard as a job owned by a white man.

Freedom Riders

May 4 1961

Groups of African American on buses that went into the deep south which then were attack viciously, this showed how much African American cared about civil rights which impacted the belief of receiving the rights they Deserve .

Children March

May 2 1963 - May 5 1963

Its showing that children's are starting to care how segregation is changing there lives.

Civil Rights Act

July 2 1964

It said people can not be discriminated because of there: race, religion, color, sex, or national origin.

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed

February 26 1965

His death inspired the Selma to Montgomery marches, an important event in the American Civil Rights movement.

March from Selma to Montgomery

March 7 1965

This march impacted the way the government looks at the blacks and shows how much Blacks care about the right and equal rights.

Voting Rights Act

August 6 1965

It gave the right of blacks to vote, giving more freedom and choice to African Americans.