civil rights movements


Jackie robinson integrates baseball


jackie robinson broke the color line and played baseball with whites.

executive order 9981

july 26 1948

executive Order 9981 is an executive order issued on July 26, 1948 by President Harry S. Truman. It abolished racial discrimination in the United States Armed Forces and eventually led to the end of segregation in the services.

Brown vs. Board of education

may 17 1954

In this case segregated schools were found unconstitutional

Murder of emmitt till

august 1955

14 year old Emmett till was kidnapped, beaten, shot, and dumped in a river

montgomery bus boycott

december 1 1955

When Rosa parks was arrested the people began to boycott the buses.

Integration of central high school, little rock, arkansas

september 1957

9 black students are blocked from entering so the president sends in the army.

sit in

feb 1 1960

4 kids were protesting by sitting at the counters of a food place and were beaten and arrested.

freedom ride

may 1 1961

2 buses tried to drive into the south but were surrounded. one bus was lit on fire

childrens crusade

may 2 1963 - may 5 1963

this was when children left their schools and would march. this happened until police brought fire hoses to spray them with and set dogs after them.

march from selma to montgomery

march 7 1965

many people began to march from selma to montgomery but are stopped by the cops and beaten. this is called bloody sunday

civil rights act

July 2 1965

president Johnson passes the civil rights act banning discrimination