1938 - 1945

This horrific event toook the world by suprise of the number of deaths.

Hitler Arrives

1938 - 1939

Over the years Adolf Hitler worked hard to become the leader of Germany. On March 5,1933 the Nazi group took power of the goverment. Therefore Hitler became the dictator. Thus the beginning of WW2. During this event Hitler thought of a final solution for the non-aryans.


1938 - 1939

Kristallnacht also known as the Night of the Broken Glass, was the day when all Jewish homes, shops and synagogues were raided and destroyed. The Jews were kicked out of there homes and there shops were broken with glass because of the windows that were broken.


1939 - 1943

Over the following years Hitler took control of many countries defeating them viciously. Once conquered Hitler would make all the Jews where the star of David. Also to separate the Jewish people from the other people the children would go to an all Jewish school. It all seemed like the worst was here..... until the roundup.


1940 - 1945

Over time, Hitler decided to forward with his final solution to the non aryans. So during the years Hitler and the Nazis created concentration camps to send the Jews. So the Nazis rounded up all Jews going house to house taking them and than to the train station they went. The train stations would send them to either ghettos or camps as a punishment. As-well as the people who tried hiding the Jews.

Warsaw Rises

1943 - 1945

Although the title states a strong idea the uprising of Warsaw, was unsuccessful. Warsaw was a ghetto in which Nazis placed the Jews. During this event for the next 2 years Warsaw prisoners would up-rise against the soldiers. Sadly these up rising were very weak resulting in only death. There tactics of gorilla warfare did seem like a challenge towards the Nazis injuring many soldiers and killing over 40.