Holocaust Timeline


Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany

January 1933

This marks the beginning of the Holocaust in Germany

Dachau, the first concentration camp is established

March 1933

Boycotts against the Jews begin

April 1933

Anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws are passed

September 1935

Jews begin to lose their citizenship and civil rights

Buchenwald concentration camp is opened

July 1937

Kristallnacht (Known as the Night of Broken Glass) takes place

November 9, 1938

On this night, anti-Semitic riots are held in Germany and Jewish institutions and shops are destroyed all over Europe

Einsatzgruppen enter into conquered lands

June 1940

While this happens, Jews and other "undesirable" people are rounded up and massacred by soldiers

Hermann Goering instructs Heydrich to carry out the final solution

July 31, 1941

100,000 Jews from Warsaw are deported into Treblinka death camp

January 20, 1942

Warsaw Ghetto uprisings are held

January 1943

The ghetto was exterminated in May

476,000 Hungarian Jews are sent to Auschwitz

May 1944

Allies advance and Nazis force inmates on death marches

April 1945

Nuremberg War Crime Trials are held

November 1945 - October 1946