World War Two Theaters

European Theater and Pacific Theater

The European Theater

Germany attacks Poland

September 1, 1939

This was the start of the war and Hitler used Blitzkrieg or "lightening war" to crush Poland.

Britain and France Declare war on Germany

September 3, 1939

Soviet Russia attacks Poland from the East

September 17, 1939

The Russians also took Finland and the Baltic Republics.

Germany takes Paris

June 17, 1940

This marks the fall of France.

The Battle of Briatin Starts

July 10, 1940

This was Germany's first failure to win easily.

Germany sends troops to North Africa

February 1941

Hitler did this to support a failed Italian attack.

Germany Invades Yugoslavia and Greece

April 6, 1941

Operation Barbarossa Begins

June 22, 1941

Germany invades the Soviet Union.

The Battle of El Alamein Begins

July 1, 1942

The Germans won early in North Africa, but this battle was a turning point for the British.

Germany Attacks Stalingrad

July 17, 1942

330,000 German men were lost. Germany suffered major loss and the Eastern Front became a defeat place for Germany.

Operation Torch Begins

November 8, 1942

The Germans were beaten by American and British troops.

Operation Overload Begins

June 6, 1944

This was known as D-Day and was a win for the Allies.

Paris is Liberated

August 25, 1944

The Battle of the Bulge Begins

December 16, 1944

Germans tried one last time to fight back.

Germany Surrenders

May 8, 1945

The Pacific Theater

Japan Invades Manchuria

September 18, 1931

The war in Asia starts.

Japan Invades China

July 1937

Japan takes most of the coastal region.

Japan Invades and Captures French Indo-China


Japan Launches a Surprise Attack on USA

December 7, 1941

This is known as Pearl Harbor because that is where the attack occured.

Japan Invades Wake Island

December 7, 1941

Japan Attacks the Phillipines

December 7, 1941

Japan Invades Guam

December 7, 1941

Japan Invades Burma

December 11, 1941

Japan Invades the Dutch East Indies

January 11, 1942

The Battle of the Coral Sea Begins

May 3, 1942

The USA finally stopped Japanese advancement for the first time.

The Battle of Midway Begins

June 4, 1942

This was an important battle because it was the American victory that crippled the Japanese navy.

The Battle of Guadacanal Begins

August 7, 1942

This was a US victory.

The Attack on Iwo Jima Begins

February 19, 1945

This was a US victory.

The Attack on Okinawa Begins

April 1, 1945

This was a US victory.

USA Drops an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

They did this to make sure that Japan wouldn't keep fighting because the Japanese would not give up the war easily and would rather die trying to win than back down.