High School

My four years at high school



01/05/2010 - 12/15/2012

Karate was a big extracurricular for me. I got a first degree black belt, but then had to stop because of the Junior year workload.

Link Crew Orientation


Taught me that there are friendly people in this school.

First Day of School


First day of school made me nervous. I had moved to this area pretty late, half way through 8th grade, so I only knew people in my own grade pretty much. This was overall a disadvantage.

Welcome Back Rally


The first rally I went to. I never went to another rally after that until Senior year. I didn't enjoy it very much.

Key Club

9/20/2010 - 5/15/2011

A club that I never really liked, one that seemed just like most of the members were just wasting time.


9/20/2010 - 5/15/2011

Started robotics. Probably the club I spent the most time in.

Cruise to Mexico

12/25/2010 - 12/28/2010

My first cruise! It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

End of Freshman Year


A great first year of lynbrook, academically at least. My extracurriculars was limited.

Beginning of Sophomore Year


Hopefully a more active second year in high school.

End of Sophomore Year


Another year focused only on academics, and no extra curriculars. I even got a B, so my academics were not even that good.

Tech Museum

6/20/2012 - 8/15/2012

An interesting time volunteering at the tech museum.

Start of Junior Year


I was so worried about the workload, but I realized junior year is only hard for people who have stuff outside of school too.

Got my Black Belt


I worked a long time for this. Although I would have gotten 2 years earlier if I had not moved, I was still very happy.


9/20/2012 - 5/15/2013

This time,I was much more active, participating in presentations and coming in to build parts.

Track and Field

3/14/2013 - 5/17/2013

Starting a sport in Junior year was kind of tiring.

Sacred Heart Community Service

6/10/2013 - 9/10/2013

First time that I did volunteering in which I felt was actually helpful to people who needed assistance.

End of Junior Year


Survived junior year. Unfortunately, it killed my work ethic, because I would waste a lot of time before doing any work.

Start of Senior Year


Excited for this year. Unfortunately it was as bad as the first few years. Thanks fully it was a little bit more fun than before.

Track and Field

3/14/2014 - 5/6/14

Go Vikings!

Accepted into UCSD


This is the college I will be going to next year



Sad to leave this school, but excited to move onto the next part of my life.

Start UCSD


Hopefully gonna have a great time in UCSD.