High School Timeline


Start of High School


Both scared and excited as I walked into my first classes.

Freshman Year

08/23/2010 - 06/10/2011

Sophmore Year

08/22/2011 - 06/08/2012

Junior Year

08/20/2012 - 06/07/2013

classes really started to get hard in this year. Fortunately, my study habits have gotten a lot better by this time.

Senior Year

08/19/2013 - 06/06/2014



Done with high school, and off to college!


Volunteered at Zen Center

08/23/2010 - 06/06/2014

Artwork from 3D design selected to be in art show

Approx. 04/28/2011

Volunteered at Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Approx. 07/05/2011 - Approx. 08/05/2011

Joined Lynbrook Badminton Team

Approx. 02/29/2012

Just training team though. I wasn't really too good.

SAT - 1st time


Took the SAT for the first time, when I got a taste of the 5 hour long exam.

Volunteered at Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Approx. 07/03/2013 - Approx. 08/05/2013

Helped at a summer camp for kids. Very very tiring, but never had so much fun. To give a scope of the size- around 800 kids in the summer camp.

Senior Homecoming

Approx. 10/04/2013

Remember the most doing the class dance.

SAT - 3rd Time


The last time I took the SAT, when I significantly improved my score.

Admitted to SJSU

Approx. 02/13/2014

I will be attending SJSU

Senior Checkout


Almost graduation!