Workload timeline planning


Concept development/Concept brainstorming (Mind mapping, Inspiration, Ideas)

04/10/2014 - 04/16/2014

Make a mindmap on the tattoo of sarawak and why is it getting extinct, when did this started becoming an issue, how did it became an issue, etc.
Refer to the past semesters’ design report.

Brainstorming Ideas

04/17/2014 - 04/23/2014

Ideas of different concepts, finalize idea for presentation

Concept on presentation

04/24/2014 - 05/07/2014

Finalize concept to present

Finalize ideas

05/08/2014 - 05/14/2014

After presentation, finalize ideas are done. Think of inspiration on how the event would take place (doing an event on Sarawak tattoos and how it could be trendier, how it could be reborn amongst the younger generations of sarawakians, with the east and also west malaysia as well.

Awareness event of traditional Sarawakian tattoos

05/15/2014 - 05/21/2014

Think of a place, ambience - the feel of the place, time, date, choosing a venue as its strength (creative, artsy vibe), finding the right target audience

Booking a venue, Date, Time

05/22/2014 - 05/28/2014

Call up a place in Publika, open space with an artsy feel. Theme: Sarawak Safari. classy animal print/tribal theme. Sarawak cut outs: Hornbills, cats, seahourse, representing the cities of Sarawak. Make it fun, trendy and modern. Dress code: Animal prints (27 October, 12pm - 12am)


05/29/2014 - 06/04/2014

merchandize to be sold to preserve the traditional tattoos (Promotional items - Tshirts, bracelets, necklaces, clutches, skirts, phone covers)
A logo, newsletter, envelope, invitation card, business card and a book to show off merchandizes on models (who are promoting the merchandizes, goodie bags) - Find a place to print the promotional items, get models, make up an instagram, facebook and twitter account to advertise the event to get people coming)


06/05/2014 - 06/11/2014

facebook, twitter, instagram - make an account for the event and start advertising on whats going to happen at the event, how it could preserve the sarawak culture, exploring the sarawak feel, make friends, have entertainment, learn about sarawak and supporting by buying merchandizes for a better cause.


06/12/2014 - 08/13/2014

Planning for the event, decorations, come up with two posters for the month from June to October to advertise.
2 posters to be put into instagram, facebook and twitter account.
1 leaflet to pass around campuses, workplaces, around publika area (on cars), put in mailboxes, etc.
Hashtag #SarawakSafari trending
Have a logo to be put as a profile picture on the social networks.
Business cards in Goodie bags (Goodie bags consists of Business card and Sarawak representation animal props to be taken photos with at the photobooth)

Target audience: The artsy people, tattoo artists, sarawakians, everybody who are open to be inspired, to capture the medias attention and also celebrities.

Decor - The ambience of the place, the planning of how it will look like on sketch and on illustrator. The props for the ambience - calling for sponsors to participate in this cause. (will be given a goodie bag of merchandizes)

Food - Catering services for Sarawakian food, what kind of plates that will make the feel of theme, Sarawakian food.