Life of Helen Keller


Born in Tuscombia, AL

June 27, 1880

Loses sight and hearing due to severe illness

February 1882

Anne Sullivan begins to teach her sign language

March 1887

Attends Perkins Institute for the Blind

Approx. October 1889

Attends Wright-Humason School for the Deaf

October 1894

Enrolled in Radcliffe College

September 1900

Writes her first book, "The Story of my Life"

March 1903

First deaf-blind person to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts

June 1904

Begins work with American Foundation for the Blind

October 1924

Traveled the world

1930 - 1955

Received Academy Award for documentary about her life


First woman to receive honorary degree from Harvard.

June 1955

Passed away in her sleep

June 1, 1968