A Seperate Battle (Copy)


Lead Slaves to Freedom


Harriet Tubman had a plan to go back to the slave states and lead her people to freedom.

Uncle Tom's Cabin


Harriet Beecher Stowe,a northern woman, wrote the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" which opposed slavery

Women's Rights Rally in Akrom, Ohio


Sojourner Truth was a voice for abolitionist movement to white mothers

Sanitary Commission


Mary Livermore helped create a mailing system to send supplies to soldiers.

First Woman Volunteer Nurse

1861 - 1865

Women followed Cornelia Hancock's job as taking over mens jobs while they were in battle.

Women Disguised As Men


Frances Clalin started the whole topic of Women dressing up as men to fight in war because she felt like women were worthy of fighting just like men.

The Start Of The Civil War

April 12, 1861

Confederates fired on a fort full of Federal Soldiers in Charleston Harbor.

Ney York Fair

January 1864 - April 1864

Louisa May Alcott was a nurse. The North saw more need for female nurses.

Two People Found Out they Were Related


Angelina Grimke & Archibald Grimké found out that Archibald was the son of Angelina's Brother, Henery.

Clara Barton and the Red Cross


Clara Barton often showed up at camps and battlefields with desperately needed rovisions long before Sanitary Commission workers arrived.